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available for delivery and installation 

Rely on Prego technical Services Ltd to supply, install and maintain your new commercial oven.

We work with the leading brands and are a registered Unox Ovens Gold Service Partner.

We can discuss your requirements and provide a quote for the ideal equipment to suit your needs allowing for volume of cooking, type of cooking, available power and maximum energy efficiency.

Once you have bought the equipment, Prego will be there to support you whether it be for a regular service or for the supply of cleaning products or accessories.

Explore Our Product Range

When it comes to keeping your kitchen equipment clean and functioning well, it’s important to use the right products based on your requirements. We offer diverse equipment detergents, targeting multiple areas. Some of these products include:

  • Unox detergent and rinse designed specifically for Unox ovens

  • Trigger spray for cleaning and degreasing

  • Foaming spray

  • Washing up liquid

  • General-purpose detergent

  • Dish wash for soft, medium, and hard water areas

  • Glass wash

  • Chlorine pipeline cleaner

  • Unperfumed sanitiser

  • Washroom cleaner and descaler

  • Granular salt for manual external and internal water softeners

  • Table salt for automatic water softeners

  • And more

If you wish to order our cleaning detergents, feel free to fill out our contact form to share your requirements with us. You can confirm the quantities of what you need so that we can help you with a quick next-day delivery. Filling out our order form does not require you to make an immediate payment.

Maintain Hygiene, Boost Efficiency! Fill Out Our Form To Learn More About Our Range Of Cleaning Detergents In Hampshire

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